Would you like to dominate your niche?

Of course you would. Who wouldn’t?

And some will, and some won’t.

The difference between those who do and those who don’t is desire.

The reason I know this is because I’ve personally worked with hundreds of copywriters and independent professionals since 2003.

In fact, I was the world’s very first copywriter’s coach. And I created the only structured client acquisition program for copywriters.

Some of today’s “famous” copywriter’s coaches are past newbie students who are now using aspects of my Marlow Marketing Method™ for Copywriters program to support their own (much higher priced) coaching programs. See if you can guess who they are here.

Every year I work with a small number of copywriters, both new and advanced. The job is always the same: help them dominate their niche as an “old salt,” or get them in on a higher level as a newbie.

I have specific methods and tactics for making that happen. One is my proprietary niche finding method. Another is my “bulky mailer” lead-generation tactic.

Thanks to the “success chatter” of my students, aspects of my program have gone viral. Copywriters I have never heard of before routinely email me to tell me about their results using my white paper and direct mail methods for client acquisition.

And while I still love coaching, coaches for copywriters have become ubiquitous, and the purloining of my tactics and formulas has become tiring.

My many online copywriter surveys over the years tell me that there is now an overabundance of copywriter coaches, especially “newbies teaching newbies.”

And so I decided to do something different.

Enter the S.S. Treasure Hunt.

The S.S. Treasure Hunt breaks water in 2013

The S.S. Treasure Hunt is a sailing-themed membership community of fast moving copywriters who want to dominate their niche.

Not only does it contain exclusive content — like the world’s only statistical database for pricing of over 100 copywriting jobs! — but it includes a forum where you can access the experience and wisdom of a cadre of copywriters with more than 30 years of experience… to guide you, advise you, and help you out of dilemmas.

If you’re the kind of copywriter who has a fire in the belly for success… who would like a plan for success and the support for getting there… then you should become one of the crew.

Learn more about the S.S. Treasure Hunt here.

Has it been too long since you had THE book for writers?

GGC_bookcover_workbook300The most up-to-date, comprehensive eBook on how to get quality freelance writing clients is now here!

Authored by Carol Tice, Linda Formichelli and myself, this book offers you the big picture of writing gigs.

In other words, I talk to the copywriter but Carol and Linda bring in the “other side” of writing for a living, to talk about all of the ways you can enjoy financial success as a freelance business writer in today’s world.

Well paid opportunities have expanded, and this book shows you where to look and what to do to take your writing career to the next level. (It even surprised me!)

The link to this well overdue book is here.

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Chris Marlow