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Are you looking for success in your freelance career…

…and a more profitable business?

Then you’d want to work with the best coach, right?

I have a very successful student clientele. My students work only with high quality clients. And they achieve their income goals.

Given my long history as a copywriter’s coach, there is no one who can match my success rate with copywriters.

My students work with the majors — mid-size businesses like Loma Linda, EPG Insurance and Aspen Golf… all the way up to the heavy-weights like Verizon, Agora Publishing, Sybase, and more.

We do this through my proprietary program, the Marlow Marketing Method™. This is the world’s only long term successful program for the acquisition of high quality, high value copywriting clients.

If you want a career and not just a struggling freelance job… if you want to put your kid through college, fund your retirement, and build financial security for yourself and your family… know that you can, with the right guidance.

I started the world’s first coaching program for copywriters. I published the world’s only statistical pricing reference for copywriters (three times, most recently in 2014).

And I conceived the copywriting industry’s only “niche-finding” system, unveiled at the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI) Bootcamp conference in 2008, and then copied.

To date, I also have the most success of any copywriter’s coach… simply because I have more successful students. Prove it to yourself by comparing testimonials.

You can see my long list of testimonials here.

And when you read these testimonials, do they say “warm and fuzzy, kiss kiss kiss?”

Or do they talk about results?

Notice that in my unsolicited testimonials you will hear about results over and over and over again.

Because in my coaching, results is all we care about.

So here’s the bottom line: If you’re looking for client acquisition coaching, you can pay as much as $625 per hour for a copy of my method taught by one of my past coaching students… or you can come with me, the originator.

Before you hire a coach, research their success rate. Compare how many testimonials they have. How long have they been a successful copywriter? Are they part of the “newbies teaching newbies” crowd? Do their testimonial cite actual results?

So let’s get going. You can find coaching information here.

But what if you don’t need (or want) one-on-one coaching?

What if you simply need emergency advice on a negotiation? Or advice on a pricing problem? Or support on any number of issues that routinely crop up for new and even “old salt” copywriters?

Well then… you need the S.S. Treasure Hunt.

The S.S. Treasure Hunt breaks water in 2013

The S.S. Treasure Hunt is a sailing-themed membership community of fast moving copywriters who want to dominate their niche.

Not only does it contain loads of exclusive content — like the world’s only statistical database for pricing of over 100 copywriting jobs, the world’s only productivity course for writers, and the acclaimed Marlow Marketing Method™ for Copywriters

…but it includes a Forum where you can access the experience and wisdom of a cadre of copywriters with more than 30 years of experience… to guide you, advise you, and help you out of dilemmas.

If you’re the kind of copywriter who has a fire in the belly for success… who has a plan and would like some support in getting there… then you should become one of the crew.

Learn more about the S.S. Treasure Hunt here.

Has it been too long since you had THE book for writers?

GGC_bookcover_workbook300The most up-to-date, comprehensive eBook on how to get quality freelance writing clients is now here!

Authored by Carol Tice, Linda Formichelli and myself, Chris Marlow… this book offers you the big picture of writing gigs.

In other words, I talk to the copywriter but Carol and Linda bring in the “other side” of writing for a living, to talk about all of the ways you can enjoy financial success as a freelance business writer in today’s world.

Well paid opportunities have expanded, and this book shows you where to look and what to do to take your writing career to the next level. (It even surprised me!)

The link to this well overdue book is here.

Thank you for taking the time to come visit me.

If you’re interested in personal coaching, learn more about the Marlow Marketing Method™ for Copywriters here. For other matters, reach me through my Contact Page.

Whatever you do, come join us in the S.S. Treasure Hunt. We’re waiting to welcome you on board!