I don’t know how you found me… perhaps you’re looking for a copywriter’s coach.

That’s me. In fact, I was the first copywriter’s coach in the industry, starting in 2003.

Since then I’ve helped thousands of writer-entrepreneurs find their niche, land the hard-to-get high paying clients, create profitable information products, discover hidden talents, build successful businesses, and bring in lots more income!

I’ve helped my coaching students go from ZERO income to $5,000 in just three months.

I’ve helped struggling freelancers go from $50,000 a year in income to $10,000 per month retainers. I’ve helped successful copywriters go from ZERO royalties to as much as $50,000 in one royalty check.

And I can help you too!

My Marlow Method™ Client Acquisition Group Coaching Program offers you these unique benefits:

• The most sophisticated marketing education, oversight and support in the industry
• A personalized mailing list of the hottest potential clients likely to need copywriting work now – A MARLOW EXCLUSIVE
• Full access to the Marlow Marketing Method™ for Copywriters Client Acquisition Course – A MARLOW EXCLUSIVE
• Membership in the S.S. Treasure Hunt, a membership for copywriters containing every copywriting and client acquisition tool you need
• An unparalleled system for accurate job pricing, which includes the world’s only statistical database – A MARLOW EXCLUSIVE
•  A failsafe Formula for client conversion – PROPRIETARY TO THE MARLOW  METHOD™
• MUCH more…

Whenever I have a space open for a new copywriter, I host an informative webinar on the subject of client acquisition. I also host events that focus on the benefits of joining the S.S. Treasure Hunt (you can join the S.S. Treasure Hunt whether you coach with me or not).

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