best_blue_backgroundAhoy, mate!

If you’re on a journey to find the right copywriter for a project, let me introduce myself.

I’m Chris Marlow (as you might have guessed), and I’m on a perpetual profit quest.

My goal has always been to bring leads and sales to my clients. And even in this day of social media and engagement… I still focus on results.

Proven results, that is. And you can see it for yourself in my Direct Response Scorecard, which is yours for the asking.

All you have to do is complete the form below and I’ll send you a fact sheet of real statistics from my many years getting leads, sales and ROI for my clients.

After you’re completed the form, be sure to visit my Case Studies page where I’ll regale you with stories of success, and my Samples page for a deeper look at my copy and concepts.

Although you’ll see a lot of Direct Mail packages as you sail through this site, I also write Video Sales Letters (VSLs), White Papers, Websites, Case Studies, Booklets, Landing Pages, Email Campaigns, Autoresponders, Magalogs, PowerPoint Presentations, Scripts & Speecheswhatever it takes to get the lead or the sale!

If you direct mail 40,000 pieces or more, I can also get you savings on production costs via my industry contacts. Just ask!

Some of my direct mail projects


When I teach copywriters in my Marlow Marketing Method™ course,
they must mail a successful “bulky package” client acquisition mailing.
These are some of the packages for which I served as Creative Director.


And here are some of my Awards, including 3 ECHOs —
the world’s most distinguished award for results!


And P.S. — Don’t forget to complete the form below so we can start the dialog on raising your response rates!

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 I write for local and global clients but I have a special place in my heart for San Diego — my favorite place to take my Yorkie, Sailor, day sailing!