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sitting_hands250My name is Chris Marlow and I’ve been a direct response copywriter since 1985. In 2003 I decided to become a coach, to help writers gain quality clients and find success in this incredible profession.

Since then I’ve helped thousands of writer-entrepreneurs land the hard-to-get but high paying clients, build successful businesses, and bring in lots and lots more income!

I’ve helped my coaching students go from ZERO income to $5,000 in just three months.

I’ve helped struggling freelancers go from $50,000 a year in income to $10,000 per month retainers. I’ve helped successful copywriters go from ZERO royalties to as much as $50,000 in one royalty check.

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Whether you want to launch a successful copywriting career, create and sell information products, or create passive income from book and ebook sales, I can help you achieve your goals.

Everything You Want is Just Outside Your Comfort Zone

Most writers exist in the low- to mid-range for income… yet most would like higher earning potential for themselves, their families, and their futures. Writers are also caring people. Most want their work to make a difference in the world.

Every single one of us can have the career — and the impact — that we want. We can see the magic happening for others around us… and for those who have grabbed the brass ring, it becomes an irony to find that there’s actually less competition at the top. The key to getting there is twofold.

One has to do with positioning. The other has to do with action.

20 top traits coverAfter working intimately with hundreds of writers over the past 12 years, I can tell you that Solos who “go higher” exhibit certain characteristics.

You may want to test yourself to see if  you too, carry the common traits of writers who win.

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