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Do Any of These Statements Sound Like You?


  • I have some business but it’s not enough.

  • I need to get my costs down and my profits up.

  • I’ve met my goal but I don’t know how to go higher.

  • I have business but it’s taking too much of my time and energy for the return.

  • I’d like to expand my business but I feel stuck.

  • I’d try new marketing channels if I knew what to do.

  • I’d be more motivated if my work was helping the world.

  • I’d like to earn more but work less.

If any of these statements sound like you, you’ll be excited to learn about Marketers With A Mission.

Marketers With a Mission helps you find your greatest success in business while also making it easy for your to do good for the world.

Marketers With a Mission begins with the mandate to improve the success of your entrepreneurial business in terms of its ROI.

This is done in 5 steps:

  1. First we determine what type of marketing will bring you your strongest return. We call this your Key Marketing Tool. (You can use more than one Tool.) Today’s top ROI-generating Key Marketing Tools are Email, Direct Mail, and Direct Response Copywriting.
  2. Second, you conduct campaigns as per your Key Marketing Tool and record your results data.
  3. Third, your first campaign is analyzed to form a baseline.
  4. Fourth, your campaigns are improved based on strategy, copywriting, offer refinements and any other influencing factor.
  5. Fifth, campaigns are relaunched, results are measured, and the cycle repeats, for continuous improvements in profit and ROI from your biggest contributor to profits — your Primary Marketing Tool.

The “Mission” part of Marketers With a Mission provides a structure for “doing good” while “doing well.”

Marketers With a Mission wants to attract those who understand — or who want to experience — the power of giving back.

“Giving back” can mean many things to many people and in individual coaching, the coachee will select their own mode for giving.

First the coachee sets a goal for Leads, Sales, or ROI — the more aggressive, the better. Then they determine what the amount of their gift should be, based on net revenue. And yes… because the coach has skin in the game, she donates too!

Donating a small but worthwhile portion of your increased profits serves as a significant motivator for taking your business to the next level. Most of us work harder and smarter when we need our efforts to benefit others.

And therefore, doing good for others is actually doing good for ourselves!

Doing good for others while doing good for ourselves has even more positive ramifications, however.

Doing good for others raises our own personal self-esteem. Doing good for others connects you to a world outside of yourself and your immediate reality.

Doing good feels so good that you might one day find that the “mission” part of the Marketers With a Mission program is even more important than the improvement in your business’s ROI!

Of course, right about then you’ll realize that the more you improve your ROI, the more you can give to your mission.

And so the cycle goes… as your entrepreneurial business grows and prospers, so does your cause. It’s a simple but profound structure that can be your secret to business success and personal fulfillment.

Plus, achievement is recognized. When you’ve raised your ROI and made your contribution to the group’s cause, you’ll receive this distinguished Marketers With a Mission lapel pin. (Enlarged to show detail.)

So Who Am I to Lead You to This Holy Grail of Marketing?

My name is Chris Marlow.

I’m well known in copywriting and marketing circles as the author of the long-running (14 years) Marlow Marketing Method™ Client Acquisition Course.

Prior to that I was Senior Copywriter at one of the world’s most celebrated direct response agencies, Rosen/Brown.

At the agency, and freelance, I’ve worked for small companies you would not know, all the way up to the big names like Disney, Toyota, and Microsoft.

What you need to know about me as a coach, is that I have always — for more than 30 years — been focused on ROI.

I’ve earned millions for some of my corporate clients.

I’m the recipient of the direct marketing industry’s highest award for results, the International ECHO.

I’ve also served as a judge for the ECHOs, voting to reward the world’s most sophisticated marketers.

If I can help them, I can help you.

However, you must be a viable candidate for Marketers With a Mission, with a business that can scale up dramatically using one or all of the three Key Marketing Tools — Email Marketing, Direct Mail, and Direct Response Copywriting.

If you want to improve your business — and the world — using the most powerful Tools offered by the world of marketing, I invite you to begin the simple Application process via the Form below.


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