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Want to see what kind of work I do? I do ‘agency level’ work, having worked in and for some of the best direct response agencies in the world.

Since 2003, hundreds of Copywriters and B2B Service Providers have enrolled in my intensive Marlow Marketing Method™ Client Acquisition Course.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of lead-generating websites for which I was instructor and Creative Director.

Example Websites – click on the name for a better view:

example1   example2   example3

Apryl Parcher                  Bob Haynes                    Celine Horan

example4   example5   example6

Karen Kanakanui              Ed Gandia                     Heather Sloan

example7   example8      example9
Joyce Dierschke               Jeffrey Long                    Keiko Makarczyk

example10   example11   example12

Mike Hooker                     Paul Arinaga                  Pete Alexion

example13   example14   example15
Pam Foster                      Pam Magnuson                Pete Savage

Here are a couple of full sites you can view live. Both were done on WordPress. WordPress themes can present challenges to the traditional layout but these samples will show you how you can work with the software to make a compelling home page even if you can’t work within the strict confines of direct response best practices.

Jen Williamson Copywriting

Kari Matthews Home Page

Direct Mail — A Skill That’s Now Rare Among Copywriters…

…yet billions of dollars are spend on Direct Mail every year. Not many know this, but Direct Mail is Google’s number one marketing tactic!

Direct Mail combined with Online Marketing is often the best ROI for many types of businesses. Here are a few of my samples.

Classic Direct  Mail Packages
OE, letter, brochure, reply device, BRE



Metacreations — order-gen selling full software package to new prospects — download brochure



Network Associates — lead-gen selling enterprise software security solution — download interior components



Disney Magic Kingdom — order-gen selling Disney Credit Card — download interior components (brochure is partial, as it was designed “newspaper style” for kiddie involvement


RxWorks veterinary software — lead-gen

Download letter

Download brochure & reply device




18-page order-gen magalog — download additional sample pages: Cover   Pages 2 & 15   Pages 6 & 11   Pages 14 & 3
Full magalog available upon request

Full Page Print Ads


For Bonfit, a Pattern Maker


For Ecommerce Solutions



Self-mailer for Neil Kelly, Oregon’s largest home remodel business

Download full sample



 Download Reebok (Weebok) catalog sample



 Download brochure page

3-dimensional Mailer


Download Symantec sales letter


Large brochure for Datasys Trade Show booth

Download full sample


Some of My Awards:



















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