~ Get Great Clients With Chris Marlow ~

Yes, I also do speaking gigs…

Chris Marlow has been teaching and speaking since 2003 and has amassed a large library of Audio Lessons, Teleseminars, Webinars, and Online and Offline Workshops.

The clip below is from her Niche Detective School presentation to a live audience at the Annual Bootcamp for the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI) in Delray, Florida in 2008.

Chris’ reveal of her proprietary Niche Finding System led to a standing ovation of 300 copywriters.

Chris is an expert on the full scope of Lead Generation for landing high quality, high value clients. Her methods for landing quality clients are well known in marketing circles and her Marlow Marketing Method™ course is legendary for producing successful Service Providers.

Chris loves to speak before audiences and provides content that is new, fresh, and enlightening, with a focus on results. You can contact Chris for speaking events by using the form here.