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“Ive worked with Chris twice to grow and refine my technology copywriting and communications consulting business. She provides a proven path to developing a profitable niche, growing a high-value customer base, and increasing revenue. I highly recommend her, whether you’ve been a long-time freelancer like me, or you’re just starting out. I plan to work with her again very soon!”

— Nan Devlin, Technology Copywriter, Portland, OR

“I’m currently taking a Captains class due to my sailing experience. But, the last class for copywriting and marketing was the Chris Marlow course offered with personal coaching by Chris.robert-wedge

“My website has been up for just 3 weeks and I have 3 serious, potential clients. Just through organic searches! I’m looking forward to the results from my direct mail campaign. This course exceeded all expectations. It’s exactly what I needed to get on track.”

— Robert Wedge, Copywriter for the Golf Industry, Marion, MA

“Another inquiry today, this one from the Marketing Director at a B2B sales training organization!mike-sweeney

“Thank you Chris for all your help so far in the course, it’s been excellent training. I haven’t even finished your course yet, and already people are calling me! The search engine optimization work you walked me through is obviously working — I’ve gotten more email prospect inquiries than I ever have before, such as this one from today.

“Looking forward to continued success,” Mike Sweeney, B2B Financial Copywriter, Spokane Valley, WA

“I’ve freelanced full-time since 1985 for a Who’s Who of America’s top direct marketers. When nascent writers dig me up and ask about coaching, I tell them there is only one person I can recommend.

“It’s not me. It’s Chris Marlow.

“Chris is the real deal. As a hugely successful and respected working copywriter and info-product developer and marketer, she’s ‘walked the walk’ for years. And she’s worked pretty much every ring of the circus—in-house, agency, freelance and info-preneur.

“Chris has systematically codified what it takes to achieve lasting freelance success: credit-card swiping sales writing and 50% up-front self-marketing. She teaches both extraordinarily well, especially her bullet-proof Marlow Marketing Method™ for getting clients. You can spend years starving trying to figure out how to sell yourself. Or you can have Chris teach you how to bait the hook and land juicy clients right off the bat.

“So. If you want to freelance or launch your own info-products, save yourself time and money. Don’t sign up for some ‘write a simple letter’ lea_pierce$499 copywriter-in-a-box sucker pitch. Don’t waste your money on some big name has-been with a 20-year-old control. Don’t pay someone who never sweated it out under agency deadlines or wrote winning packages for name clients in regulated industries with impossible legal departments.

“Call Chris and do what she says. Unless you’re constitutionally unfit for self-employment, she’ll get you where you want to go.

“Finally, I have personally consulted with Chris in developing my own information products. Best money I ever spent. She knows her stuff, cuts through the fluff, and works her tail off. She’s funny and a joy to work with, too.”

Lea Pierce, Wordsmith, Santa Rosa, CA

“I met Chris Marlow when I was in crisis mode with my career. Buried with low-paying jobs from demanding entrepreneurs were making my life — and my family — utterly miserable.kevin_dawson

“Through Chris I was able to focus on the financial markets, where I had to fight like crazy to get in. But now I have top-flight clients that value me, pay me well, and keep me as busy as I want to be.

“Chris is part coach, part baby-sitter, part psychologist, and part foot-up-the-behind motivator, all at the appropriate times. Don’t let her niceness and professional demeanor kid you. You slack off, and she’ll kick your butt into the middle of next week — in a classy and dignified manner — but the message still hits home.

“Even now, Chris remains a great resource and a source of wisdom as my career progresses. She is a unique coach with multiple talents that will help you achieve what you want — even if you’re not certain what you want right now… she’ll guide you to a place that fits so well you would have never imagined it possible…

“In the end analysis, it’s not the money. Money is only a means to an end. It’s also the sense of efficacy, that you have a developed skill that is in demand, and are respected. So you can look in the mirror at 3:00 a.m., and say, ‘We’re okay.’ That by the grace of God, and coaches like Chris, we are finally satisfied with what we’ve found, and where we’re headed.

“You gotta price tag on that?”

— Kevin Dawson, Financial Copywriter, Walled Lake, MI

“I just want to tell you that Chris Marlow has literally changed my life. When I met her I was green as a magnolia tree in winter, and struggling to make it over the hump!

“Chris helped me get the kind of quality portfolio pieces I needed to move to the next level. She also set me up with people in high places and I wound up working on a political campaign for this last election that was one of the most exciting and rewarding things I’ve ever done!

“My confidence really took off after working with Chris and now I have two websites… one is my original site from working with Chris but now I also have a site that positions me as an agency.

“Chris says I’m moving very fast, and maybe I am. But I know I wouldn’t be where I am without her coaching and mentoring.

“If you can swing it, I promise you that coaching with Chris will be one of the best things you ever did for your career.”


Shawn Dady, Direct Response Copywriter, Brentwood, TN

Listen to what Patty Reagin has to say, and how quickly she landed clients after working with me…

Medical Industry Copywriter, Black Hawk, CO

“The whole enchilada”… that’s what Barbara Hales says about my coaching…

Listen to what Barbara has to say…

The Medical Strategist, Palm Beach, FL


“Chris Marlow’s coaching helped me build a solid foundation and clear direction for my business when I had lost focus and was floundering. Listen to my audio testimony for more details.”

— Elizabeth H. Cottrell, Owner, RiverwoodWriter.com and Founder, Heartspoken.com


Listen to what Elizabeth has to say…


“I completed Chris’ ‘How to Get Great Clients’ coaching program recently, and highly recommend it to all copywriters just starting out or struggling to get their business going. The knowledge, insight, and advice Chris provided throughout the course was invaluable.

The materials were very thorough… the equivalent of a crash college course on marketing! I couldn’t have started my freelance business without this course. Thank you, Chris!”

— Emily Foshee, B2B Copywriter, Frisco, TX

Listen to what Jeff Oddo has to say… he found so much value in my information that he reviewed everything twice!

Public Relations/Copywriter/Speechwriter, Lumberton, NJ

“I have examined, and sampled, several products and services aimed at freelance copywriters, and I must say Chris Marlow’s coaching program stands head and shoulders above them all. Her professionalism sets her apart in this industry. With Chris, you will notice, there is no hype — just the promise of real value.

“And with her excellent coaching program, she delivers on that promise. The knowledge I gained from Chris helped me earn more than $64,000 in new business, in just 12 months, on my very first targeted campaign. I have no doubt that the knowledge I gained from Chris will profit me for many years to come. If you are serious about success in this business, you would do well to hire Chris Marlow as your coach.”

— Pete Savage, B2B Copywriter, London, Ontario, Canada

“I tried launching my copywriting business myself 6 months ago. I sent out 600 letters to marketing directors in various industries. I got only one response!

“After working with you for 3 months, I had much stronger marketing materials, a powerful USP, and a target market I felt comfortable approaching. I just sent out my first mailing and got 10 responses — a whopping 4.55% response!! I would have been happy with 1% but I’ll take 4.55% any day!

“Now this is the way to start a freelance career! Thanks for all your help, Chris!”

— Ed Gandia, Copywriter for the Software Industry, Marietta, GA

“Chris is a consummate professional and an incredible coach, mentor, and guide. I simply cannot say enough positive things about her or her coaching programs.

“She not only helps copywriters learn the art of value-focused self-marketing, she also teaches them how to attract clients who will respect their craft and compensate them appropriately.

“Before working with Chris, I had written marketing copy for many different industries and clients. I, like many copywriters, had been under the impression that variety was better.

“Fortunately, Chris quickly corrected my off-track thinking and helped me focus my copywriting skills to an industry niche I’m passionate about.

“Thanks to her guidance, I’ve been able to establish incredible client relationships with medical industry leaders right out of the gate. Now, I can focus high-level attention on my clients because I’m no longer spread so thin. I’m also more valued and appreciated in the process.

“I am incredibly grateful to Chris for sharing her knowledge and expertise through her coaching programs.”

— Lenox Powell, Medical Technology Copywriter, Colorado Springs, CO

“As a new entrepreneur, I have found Chris Marlow’s coaching invaluable. Although I was Heather Sloanvery confident in my former Marketing Communications Manager role, I sometimes feel like a fish out of water as a freelancer. Chris alleviates that feeling. Whenever I have a question, whether it’s about how much to charge, what to do with a confidentiality agreement, or whether I’ve nailed a headline, Chris takes away the question mark.

“By working with Chris, I’ve significantly honed my USP and have built a desirable offer. I mailed my direct response package one week ago, and have already received nine responses. It’s so exciting! If you’d like to fast-track your success, hire Chris. It’s money well-spent.”

— Heather Sloan, INfusion Marketing Communications, Inc., West Linn, OR

“Hi Chris, I dropped 300 letters yesterday before the mail went out. Today, I’ve received 3 (count ’em, three!) responses already! One just wanted me to fax the report, but the other two have set up meetings. I think we found my prospective clients’ pain.

“I’ve attached a copy of the report. I look forward to hearing any feedback you have on Thursday. My meetings are Friday and Monday (so far).

“Thanks for all of your help so far.”

— Stacy Fox, Copywriter for Career Colleges, Riverside, CA

“I’ve heard that the local ad community is talking about the ‘big splash’ I’m making with local PR and my new site… I’ve had positive feedback and interest just about every day. This is just the beginning. My site has only been live for 1 month!’

— Pam Foster, PamFosterCopywriting.com, SEO copywriter, Scarborough, ME

“Way back in 2005 I found myself in a tight spot.

“My husband had just died and my mother had Alzheimer’s and I needed to have her live with me.

“All my life I’d had good jobs but they were outside the home.

“In something just shy of panic, I looked for ways to make money without having to leave the house.

“I was thrilled when I discovered copywriting. But after learning how to ‘write to sell,’ I still had a big problem and that was getting clients.

“When I found Chris I was really nervous. I had to really scrape to fund the coaching. I told Chris this ‘had’ to work or I’d be sunk.

“She assured me I was in good hands and I just had to say to myself, ‘Put your trust in her.’

“Well, that was 12 years ago and not only did Chris show me how to get clients and market myself, but she also guided me in creating an information product for my niche that has been selling for as much as $249 for nearly a decade!

“To say that I got my money back would be the understatement of the year.

“Most important of all is that Chris has become a very dear friend.

“Many times copywriters have called me to find out about her. I’ll tell you what I tell them:

“’Chris has the most integrity of anyone I’ve ever worked with. Her program works and the proof is everywhere throughout the copywriting community. If you have a chance to work with Chris, my strong advice is to jump on it.’

“You’re in safe hands with Chris!”


Pam Magnuson, Nutraceuticals Copywriter, Aloha, Orego

“I’m one of the many copywriters Chris helped ‘find the gold in their careers.’ Had I not taken Chris’ program, I would be among the thousands of ‘other’ writers begging for clients and working for almost nothing.

“I don’t know how anyone serious about creating a high-paying copywriting career could even consider passing up the chance to be personally mentored by one of the most successful people in this business.

“It reminds me of a story:

“When we die, we go to a room where there are two doors. The sign on the first door says ‘Heaven.’ The sign on the second door says, ‘Seminar on How to Get to Heaven.’

“So, if you want to get to career heaven, choose the door that says “Chris Marlow.” You won’t regret it.”


Lynn Winslow, Copywriter for the Real Estate Industry, New Jersey

“Chris was extremely influential in helping me land my first big client. She helped me negotiate my fee and instructed me on how to handle the meeting. After that, she critiqued my copy and helped me turn in a project my client loved. Because of this, I have since done other jobs for this client with the same results.”

— Gary Carmody, Author, Fort Collins, CO

Linda Rivero

“Hi Chris, I must tell you that every time we finish a conversation, I am so focused and so excited about what we’re doing. It’s terrific. I’m even excited about re-doing my branding! Attached is my new-and-improved USP. Have a great week.”

— Linda Rivero, Copywriter/Speaker on Multicultural Communication, Alexandria, VA


“I work in a lot of different media: mail, web, email, print, packaging and more. But no matter what kind of piece it is, Chris always helps me look at it in a new and fresh way. You’ll be a better writer after just one session… but why stop there?”

— Chuck Vadun, Sr. Copywriter, Intuit, San Diego, CA

“Chris, I wanted to fire off a quick email to thank you for your advice and support on Monday. I went in to see two clients yesterday, followed your script, and guess what? Two pieces of business. I feel I’ve stepped up! I’ve got another meeting on Friday and will keep you informed on the outcome there.”

— Simon Rudge, Software Copywriter, London, U.K.

“My first bulky mailing went out to a hand-picked list of 400 marketing managers and directors in the UK, with a letter featuring my free report offer. Results after follow up calls? The bulky mailer proved a great memory jogger for busy execs and gatekeepers: 53 requests for the report, a 13.25% response! Thanks Chris!”

— Simon Rudge, Software Copywriter, London, UK

“Chris, you were absolutely integral to helping me define not only my professional niche, but to help me discover how to pursue work that would bring joy and meaning to my life.

“Because of you, I am living my dream of working with and for children. And you’ve given me all the marketing tools and techniques I need for marketing to make my business wildly successful.

“I regard you as an incredibly valuable resource and you can bet I’ll be relying on your expertise as my business continues to grow. I’m grateful to know you. I simply could never recommend you highly enough. To all of you who choose to work with Chris, I say, ‘Get ready… she will change your life!'”

— Tracy Douglas, Sales Catalyst for the Mom/Child Market, North Hollywood, CA

“Here’s a brief update… Everyone who read my bait piece thought it was great and I had many inquiries to buy it when it was finished as a full-length ebook. So I decided to finish the bait-piece turned ebook.

“Then, [thanks to your help in structuring my landing page] I was invited to guest star in a teleconference on paralegal training. I got more inquiries from lawyers and paralegals that saw my website.

“I’ve now been hired by a freelance paralegal and 2 lawyers to design and write copy for new websites. I’ve also been approached to write copy for some public relations material for lawyers. Now, if I get any more inquiries, I will have to put them on a waiting list!

“Thank you for your help, Chris. I wouldn’t have this business now if it wasn’t for your great coaching.”

— Lynn Roberts, JD, MBA, Attorney at Law, Lawyer and Paralegal Career Coach, Overland Park, KS

Kim Stacey“What a THRILL! I believe this is one of the best relationships I’ve developed this year, and I welcome you into my life with open arms. I am now going to sit down and develop a calendar of assigned tasks, which I will email to you with writing samples as soon as it’s done to my satisfaction. Have a great afternoon; you have, single-handedly made my day spectacular. Peace be with you.”

— Kim Stacey, Copywriter, Ben Lomond, CA

“Hi Chris, I am happy to report that after receiving your guidance, I have finally managed (in my free moments while full-time raising my 2 year old daughter) to begin calling my carefully researched list of potential clients. Incredibly, on the first day of calling I managed to dial 28 numbers, and out of those 28 I got my first client!

“I am about to begin work on my first job, with potential to develop a long-term relationship and ongoing work partnership, and I am thrilled. Of the other 27 that I called, I got only 2 ‘no thanks’ responses and 10 who requested my resume, brochure and materials. I thank you and your advice about how to research and narrow down my list for my amazing response rate. I will keep you posted — my future is looking bright from here.”

— Jennifer Sexton, Natural Health Copywriter, Yarmouth, MA

“Happy with my coaching? Oh my goodness, I am ecstatic with my coaching. You gave me great advice that I never would have thought of on my own, you showed me concrete plans to put my own ideas into action, and you helped me develop the self-confidence to market myself in the first place.

“Just knowing about Who’s Mailing What, alone, was worth it. Really, it was a huge help — Thoreau said you should make your castles in the sky, but put foundations under them, and you have put foundations under mine. You’ve really helped make the ‘money-making’ part of my challenge seem manageable.”

— Jane Ward, Case Studies Specialist, Hingham, MA

Kevin Finn“As one of only two copywriter’s agents in the nation, I must be very picky about whom I represent. I decided to work with you Chris, not only because of your copywriting talent, but your business acumen. Your tenacity and ideas bring a synergy to our relationship that can only add up to mutual success.”

— Kevin Finn, President/CEO, Finn Communications, Inc., Redondo Beach, CA


Diana Manchester“This is such a great service and such good advice… truly wonderful… I can focus on where I truly need help… with you I get one-on-one and it accelerates my progress. In one hour’s time I can target the challenges that are most pertinent. The impetus it gives me for the rest of the week is just incredible. A lot of things are coming into focus that were fuzzy to me for such a long time.”

— Diana Manchester, Diana Manchester Advertising & Design, Monrovia, CA

“Most of what I am learning about copywriting comes through trial and error, of course, and just doing it. However, I have an unfair advantage with you in my corner. As my coach, you have saved me so much time and energy. Just last week, your advice about that conference I was considering attending saved me $139 in registration fees! You are worth every penny, Chris. Thanks for making it so easy!”

— Chuck Thompson, Direct Response Copywriter, Chicago, ILsteve-slaunwhite

“Most copywriting experts, me included, recognize that Chris’ coaching program is the most comprehensive and successful in the industry. I know many, many copywriters who are, today, thriving in their businesses due in large part to Chris’ advice and business-building strategies.”

Steve Slaunwhite, 
author of The Everything Guide To Writing Copy, Brampton, Ontario

Peter J. Fogel“To me, the definition of an inspiring mentor is someone who is a top working pro in their field and who willingly gives their knowledge and expertise to others in a caring and nurturing way. That’s what you get when work with Chris Marlow. She’s increased my ‘marketing learning curve’ as a copywriter 10 fold — and kept me focused like a laser on what I wanted to accomplish in this competitive business. And I’m proud to say I’m on target to hit my financial goals for the year. And I owe a lot of my success to Chris. She’s tremendous!”

— Peter J. Fogel, Copywriter/Consultant/ Speaker, New York

“If my personal life needs help, I turn to ‘Dear Abby’… when my business needs help, I turn to ‘Dear Chris’! I want to hear practical answers, do-able solutions, and ideas that make me think and see the possibilities. Unpretentious and straight-forward, Chris Marlow reminds me of why I got into this business in the first place: to focus on the things that help me make money! Thank you Chris.”

— Peter T. Britton, The Write Answers Consulting Services, Vancouver, B.C.

Giselle Hudson“Chris makes the writer’s world seem less intimidating and more exciting. For the first time in my life, I feel comfortable with myself and comfortable enough to say AND truly believe that I am a copywriter. This to me is far more valuable than any techniques that she could share, or strategies that she could administer. In the absence of just feeling good about myself, I could sustain nothing. No price could be put on this but I have definitely received more than my investment! Having a coach like Chris is worth it!”

— Giselle Hudson, Principal, Purple Marketing Limited, Trinidad, Caribbean

“Even though I had a lot of corporate marketing and agency experience, I really didn’t understand what it takes to be a freelancer. Working with Chris opened my eyes and then some. Especially when I hit a low point and I had proposals out there but nothing was happening. When it comes to the business of copywriting, she’s the guru!”

— Sally Blodgett, Copywriter, Ben Lomond, CA

Deb Cornick“I’ve watched you grow your business from nothing to impressive Chris. And along the way I’ve used many of your techniques to grow mine. Whenever I had a question, you’ve had the answer. I appreciate all of the hours you’ve spent counseling me, and all of the information you’ve shared. I can’ t even guess at how much time you’ve saved me. Thank you Chris!”

— Deb Cornick, Deb Cornick Graphic Design, Kameuela, HI

“From one coach to another, thank you Chris for helping me break through a marketing block that has plagued me for a long time. Your advice to me was both timely and priceless!”

— Jim Slay, Doctor of Religion, J.S. Professional Coaching, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

“Dear Chris: You are so brilliant! And that’s why I want to work with YOU. Great strategy move on your part. That is such a super idea you use to get business… I definitely want to do that when I start out. Thank you again for being so helpful to me.”

— Beverly Budgell, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

“After 100 letters and some phone calls, I’m proud to post a 5% response rate using Chris’s time-proven marketing methods. She’s honed my message to such a fine point that it would be impossible for a company not to respond. Thanks, Chris!”

— Victoria Rosendahl, Passion Marketing Copywriter, Urbanna, VA

“Dear Chris, Yesterday morning I was thrilled to hear you say, ‘congratulations! You have your first copywriting job!’ It is due to your conscientious guidance and expertise that I have reached this milestone, and though I’m sure I face many more challenges as a budding copywriter, I am confident because with your coaching I know I will successfully overcome them.

“If someone were to ask me about the educational effectiveness of your coaching program, as a professional educator I’d only have two words for you: ‘right on.’ I went through your entire copywriting program and you deserve a lot of credit for helping me land this first client! One of the things about you that helped me tremendously is your patient, hands-on instruction.

“Maybe it’s just me, but coming from a non-sales oriented profession as I did, it has been extremely helpful to learn about marketing, sales, and copywriting from the bottom up and by doing it myself. With your caring guidance, I created small pieces of my copywriting life, building a strong foundation by uncovering potential niche areas, then drafting a USP about who I am as a copywriter. From scratch, we created my first copywriting sample: my professional website. At the same time, we analyzed the market in my niche, examined and gathered hundreds of names to create an in-house list, and began a sales campaign.

“Thank you for sharing your professional knowledge and practical know-how with me! I have learned more from you than I would have from a book or an academic program, because you are a master in the field whose ability shines through in all you do.”

— Marian Kleinman, copywriter for education and self-improvement, Liberty, NY

“Thank you, Chris, for a very thought-provoking and inspiring conversation. It’s apparent that you are an expert in your field, and have the skills and methods to help copywriters create successful businesses. I especially appreciate your emphasis on finding work that suits one’s interests and values, not just on making money by writing random assignments. I have full confidence that you could help me refine my focus, hit my targets, and enjoy the process.”

— Susan Gately, Concept Communications, Somerville, MA

Jane Howitt“Dear Chris, It was really great talking to you just now. I came off the phone with my head a whirl of ideas and possibilities. Fantastic!

Thank you for sending me the creative briefs. I shall set to and devour them immediately! Oh, and thank you for the syllabus and USP as well. They’ve just arrived. I am so looking forward to working with you. I’m feeling inspired. Warmly…”

— Jane Howitt, Words4TheWeb, Sale, United Kingdom

“You’ve been a big boost to my career, Chris. I’d recommend you as a Personal Coach to any copywriter who wants to get ahead in this business.”

— Jeanine Granfin Holly, Holly Copywriting, Portland, OR

“More than anything, I value your insight and feedback on specific projects. Remember that magalog project for the utility that you helped me with? Well that magalog project had a 34% closing rate. The sales letters that you helped me develop for that company ranged from 2% to 65% response rate.

“I’m currently pitching an idea to that same company that includes a range of integrated projects. Thanks again Chris for your response and for ‘being there’ when I need insight.”

— Patrick B., Copywriter, Ontario, Canada

” I was having some second thoughts about all the work I put into the mailing, particularly the paper on the industry. But, that paper has positioned me as a specialist in the industry. The time and effort really paid off.

“One company asked if I’d be willing to join them as a full time copywriter. The mailing has done a great job opening up doors. To date I received 8 responses for the paper. Two are pretty good leads. Thanks, again, for your help. ”

— Susan Allocco, Copywriter, New York, NY

“You’ve been a gem of inspiration, mind-set shaping and at times, carried me along to help me reach my goal. I’m really grateful for the coaching you have given me. You’ve given me a lot of powerful tools that include ‘a way of thinking’ when it comes to marketing myself.”

— Ken Taylor, Marketer, Nagoya, Japan

“I did not get a chance to thank you at Bootcamp for your class — I wanted to let you know I found my niche. The questions not only helped me to define the niche I wanted to write for; they also revealed a few surprises for me.

“An example, which I was not expecting: I have been learning to write long copy, and was fully prepared to use that skill. Imagine my surprise when I identified a preference for short copy during the exercises! I sat there scratching my head, thinking, ‘Where the heck did THAT come from?’ It was an opinion I hadn’t even considered.

“I also realized that my ideal niche (Fundraising! Thanks, Niche Detective!) and my dreams of being wealthy don’t exactly match; so I will have a “backup” niche as well. I chose catalog marketing for that, because I can put my short copy skills to good use there. (I realized that my creative writing skills are actually slowing me down in the long copy because I am always trying to find the “perfect” word — I can drive myself nuts.) I will be using my longer copy for the fundraising, but it will be easier there because I am good at story leads.

“I finally feel like I am making progress, thanks to you. Before your class, I really had no idea what I was going to do. Now I do, and I am very happy. Thank you again!”

— Sharon Annable, Bantam, CT

nancy moore photo “Chris, I received my certificate. I am so proud. Marlow Marketing Method is an outstanding course in every way: content, coaching, practical usefulness in staring a new career/business, and integrating concepts into actual practice. I applied solid, proven marketing concepts to creating my own business. I literally, designed, created, and executed my business plan during the course.

“It was hard work and it was fun work. I learned far more ( and worked harder) in your course than I did during university courses I recently completed!

“I will always be grateful for this course and having you as a coach! See you at the Coffee Klatch!”

— Nancy Moore, Copywriter for self-improvment, Redmond, OR

“The Marlow Marketing Method for copywriters is one of the best investments I ever made. I took the course when I decided that college wasn’t where I wanted to go. So I took the money I set aside for a year at a University and began the Marlow Marketing Method. It was a bit nerve racking at first because everyone says you’re supposed to go to college. But I didn’t really care.

“I don’t regret my decision one bit. Why? Because the course paid for itself before I was even halfway through! I began applying some of the things I learned in the course to my marketing, and I immediately landed a $5,000 job from an interested client. If that isn’t proof that Chris’s program works, then I don’t know what is. This program will literally pay for itself 1,000 times over and then some throughout my copywriting career. Enjoy!”

— Tyler Cash, Freelance Copywriter

“As a former coaching student of Chris Marlow, I was taught how to not just go after the jobs on places like Direct Response’s job board — those that everyone else is going for. I learned how to evaluate businesses (by viewing their websites) that are in my niche and spending good amounts of money on copy.

“Well, a few months ago, I did just this: I researched a company that was in my niche and got the name of their editor. I researched her bio and found out that she was a former freelance copywriter herself! I left her a voicemail, adding this in to form a connection, and she called me back, leaving me the name of the managing editor to contact. I sent her a cover letter and directed her to my website that Chris helped me create. To make a long story short, I am working on my third project for them, and I was just hired for another project in a different department… this will bring my total earnings from them to over $5,000 in three months. And it further establishes my expertise in the area. Thanks, Chris, for your creative, unique, and effective marketing strategy!”

— Nicole Wood, Nicole Wood Copywriting

keiko photo“Chris is a very special coach because she knows the formula to success. I knew I found the key to my future when I participated in her teleseminar. She delivered on her promise, and I signed up for her program as fast as I could. That’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business.

“Her program was perfect — learn by doing. She’s an expert in her field and continues to pursue cutting edge information. She’s intelligent, supportive, creative, and everything I’d hoped for in a coach. I continued with her group coaching and that has been just as amazing. It helps me stay motivated (the group members are incredible, too!), get new ideas, keep a pulse on the industry, and much more. I feel I got an incredible value and a skill I can apply to any business for the rest of my life. That’s quite the ROI.”

— Keiko Takimoto-Makarczyk, Alpaca Rancher, Texas

pete alexion photo“I compared Chris’ one-on-one coaching program to about a dozen of her colleagues. Chris came out on top in every category. Her recipe for success molded my initial marketing campaign into a 6% response rate.

“Through her coaching, she converted my Neanderthal approach into a refined and sophisticated style that gave marketers the impression that I had been doing this for years. But, the best part was that Chris rolled up her sleeves when extra time and effort was needed, without charging me for it. In fact, on her own time, she researched and located a marketing association within my niche, handing me my leads on a silver platter. Thanks, Chris!”

— Pete Alexion, Agriculture’s Copywriter, North Pole, Alaska

Heidi Tran photo“About a year and a half ago, you critiqued a sales letter of mine (I had won a free consultation with you). I thought the letter was really good (but looking back, I was pretty inexperienced! :-)) and you gave me a lot of very helpful advice for revising the letter.

“What a long way this letter is from that previous letter, and I don’t mean in just the skills I’ve learned for writing a sales letter! I’ve identified my ideal niche, I’ve studied that niche, I’ve identified key words, etc., etc., etc.! Once again, thank you for your amazing coaching!

“Now I have an intelligent, proven system that will help me to steadily (and this time, effectively) work at this to make it a success!”

— Heidi Tran, Supplements/Cosmeceuticals Copywriter, Columbus OH

“I’m very satisfied with the highly focused content you are providing. Web marketing and link building are pet subjects of mine and I subscribe to a lot of forums and newsletters to enhance my understanding of this area…

“I was impressed with how you managed to give just enough SEO advice to be helpful for SEO copywriting while keeping this potentially very complex subject simple and easy to follow.”

— Rebecca Kellogg, student, MARLOW Marketing Method™ for Copywriters Home Study Course

“Chris’ coaching program is organized, practical and insightful. With Chris’ coaching, I was able to break into a demanding market and reach my goals quickly. I received nine responses from my first mailing to my target market. Today, I’m still benefiting from this mailing and from Chris and experience in direct response.”

— Jane Klassen, Copywriter, Ontario, Canada

“One of my goals, when looking for a copywriting coach, was to gain a paying client before the end of the year. As a ‘newbie’ and recent graduate to the copywriting freelance world, I needed guidance and focus.

“You have provided that and more. After only three months of working together, I’ve just learned that a major client has put me on their list of writers to work with from time to time. I’m thrilled! I know that more success is on the way, and I look forward to your ongoing counsel. It wouldn’t have happened without you, Chris!”

— Lois E. Puttbach, Copywriter

“I have a couple of clients I have been doing steady work for the last couple of months. I’ve had others I’ve done some work for,john-rugh and I just got on board with two content agencies.

“Your advice to select a specific niche helped me immensely. Thank you!”

— John Rugh, Content writer for B2B Tech companies, Austin, TX


“After over a decade of copywriting, I needed to refresh and reinvigorate my business. Your coaching in helping me to identify my next target market was invaluable. Even the one or two “dead ends” we explored were very helpful, as that process helped me realize what I don’t want.

eileen coale“I’m so glad I’ve landed on B2B nutraceuticals. It’s a natural outgrowth of my B2C work in that industry. Despite my concerns that it would be an overcrowded field, you helped me to see just how huge the opportunity is there. Also especially valuable to me was learning how to evaluate a company’s website to see if they’d be a good prospect. I thought I had that nailed down, but you gave me some great new insights that will save me from spinning my wheels.

“And last but certainly not least, working with you gave me a realistic sense of how accomplished I really am. What a great confidence booster! (We could all use more of that!) Thanks again for all your help!”

— Eileen Coale, Coale Communications, Maryland

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