An open letter from copywriter Lynn Winslow

Dear Fellow Copywriter,

I can’t help but feel sad for all the copywriters who will miss out on a tremendous career launching opportunity when Chris Marlow ends her MMM [Marlow Marketing Method™] coaching program. How fortunate for those last five students who were smart enough to take advantage of this last chance to work one-on-one with her.

I’m one of the many copywriters Chris helped “find the gold” in their careers. Had I not taken Chris’ program, I would be among the thousands of “other” writers begging for clients and working for almost nothing.

I don’t know how anyone serious about creating a high-paying copywriting career could even consider passing up the chance to be personally mentored by one of the most successful people in this business.

It reminds me of a story:

When we die, we go to a room where there are two doors. The sign on the first door says “Heaven.” The sign on the second door says, “Seminar on how to get to Heaven.”

Guess what door has the line?

So if you want to get to career heaven, choose the door that says “Chris Marlow.” You won’t regret it.


Lynn Winslow

Wow… this is what I live for…

Truly, this is my “why” in my business — helping copywriters like you. This is all I’ve done since 2003 and all I will do for the rest of my career.

So even though I no longer promote the Marlow Marketing Method™ Client Acquisition Course for Copywriters, the good news is that you can get full access to it FOR FREE when you coach with me in the new Client Getting Course, which cuts client acquisition time in HALF!

I charged $6,000 for the Marlow Marketing Method™, so that’s like getting a $6,000 course for FREE. Work with me in the course that gets you results FASTER, while having access to the course that gives you a deep dive education — the one that has been the leading client acquisition course for copywriters since way back in 2003.

So how would you get more details on this unprecedented offer?

It’s simple. Just go to my Contact Page and send me your info. I’ll take it from there:

But hurry — none of my offers — including this one — are good for long. When I sign on the right candidates, the offer ends until a new spot opens up.

So take heed from my past student Lynn… she’s not just a past student but a good friend now… and that’s what happens when you make SURE people succeed!

Visit my Contact Page now:




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